Content Writer

At Future Foundry, we help companies adopt emerging technologies. IoT, 3D printing, Blockchain, Drones - the list is endless but not every technology will make an impact.

Evaluating technologies is a daunting task for business leaders. Daunting not because there is a lack of information but the information is often generic.

To address this issue, we do customized sessions and build experience centers. But, we want to go beyond and share this information with business leaders who are currently not our clients.

We are looking for young content writers who are passionate about technology. For us, many hours of research distilled into crisp and engaging content trumps every other skill. From designing newsletters to creating visual content to working on our Blog, we’re looking for people to join our small yet highly productive team.

Skills: Proficiency in written English is a must. Knowledge of design softwares like Coreldraw/Photoshop/Canva is desirable.

Write to us at [email protected] if you are interested. Our office is in Navi Mumbai but we are open to applications from other cities. It is a part time opportunity and work from home is an option.