Tech on Toast

Our industry is drowning in buzzwords. As a business leader, it can be daunting for you to sift through buzzwords and invest in technologies that create real value for your business.

We help you build a mental model to assess a technology and its suitability for your business through short, snappy sessions. Each session is designed for your specific business with relevant case studies and custom-made demonstrations.

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Digital Foundry

We help organizations set up Digital Foundry to help clients experience the capabilities of emerging technologies.

Digital Foundry will provide hands-on environment and real world demonstration zones. Clients bring in their industry problems and work with digital experts to create ‘proof of concepts’, reducing the development time from months to days.

Predictive maintenance of critical machines using IoT, aerial monitoring of solar power plants using drones, VR/AR experience center are some of the zones in a Digital Foundry.

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IoT Consulting

Sensors, networks and machines have evolved since the industrial revolution. IOT is a continuation to connect machines and networks to people. Data feed from machines helps leaders make better business decisions.

We build customized IoT solutions for manufacturing business. Shop floor monitoring, Predictive maintenance, Productivity and Efficiency (OEE) reporting are some of the projects we have executed for our clients.

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